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What is Stevia?

Stevia is a natural 100% organic sweetener Stevia Rebaudiana Leaves. It’s highly sweet with zero calories, making it ideal for those managing diabetes or obesity. Stevia is a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners, offering sweetness without the drawbacks of sugar.

How to Use?




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Our Process:

Hand Harvested

Each branch of Stevia is cut carefully using hand cutter

Thoroughly washed

Each branch is washed three times for thorough cleaning

Handpicked leaves

Each Organic Pure Stevia leaf is handpicked under strict hygienic conditions

Dried naturally under shade

To preserve natural sweetness and goodness, stevia leaves are naturally dried under shade.

Packed in the tripple layer pouch

Stevia leaves are packed in highest quality tripple layer pouches to protect rhem from outside environment

100% bio & organic product

TAAS Farms

TAAS Farms is a pioneering force in Stevia production within Pakistan, boasting extensive farmland situated in Attock. Our company operates on a large scale, collaborating with proficient farmers, dietitians, and production managers to cultivate and preserve Stevia leaves using ethical and natural techniques. Our mission revolves around delivering optimal taste and promoting healthy sweetness in your life.

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Not at all. These leaves have been used in Brazil for fifteen hundred years and in America, Japan, and Europe for thirty to thirty-five years. No credible health agency, government agency or news organization worldwide has reported anything like this. None of our thousands of customers in Pakistan have reported anything like this.

The sweetness of these leaves is 100% zero sugar, zero chemical and zero calorie. So it is 100% safe for diabetic patients.

Pure dried stevia leaves are extremely sweet. The sweetness of these leaves is famous all over the world.
So why does anyone need to put Saccharine or any other sweetener on them. We cut these leaves after 70 days when their sweetness is at its maximum. After harvesting, we wash these leaves three times with clear water. If Saccharine or something like this is added, the water should become very sweet within seconds of being added to it, whereas it doesn't and it takes eight to ten minutes for the water to sweeten.

If you use it according to the simple methods told by us, then you will get the best sweetness and the best taste and there will be no smell.

Use without any worry for children above five years. For children under five years of age and pregnant women, consult a doctor. Well, it's much safer than sugar and white chemical-laden zero sugar sweeteners.

Our packets contain leaves. We also grind and give powder on customer's request. White powder and tablets are not related to the agriculture farm. It is a factory-made chemical that contains as much as 20 to 25 percent stevia extract. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and senior diabetes doctors, white zero sugar sweeteners are extremely harmful to health.

No. These pure dried stevia leaves do not spoil the color of tea, coffee and any other drink or sweet dishes at all.

Yes, everyone can use it. Stevia sweetener is the only healthy sweetener in the world. This will improve your health day by day.

Pure and organic dried stevia leaves is a natural and healthy sweetener. If you 100% avoid the rest of the sweeteners and follow the rest of the precautions mentioned by us, then in five to six months your diabetes will improve a lot, God willing. But that doesn't mean you'll start using sugar again. Sugar is very harmful to health. You continue to enjoy the healthful sweetness of stevia. This will save your doctor's bill.

Our pure dried stevia leaves are not expensive at all. We are providing the best quality of international standards. Due to this, our labor cost is very high. All work is done manually and masks, gloves and head covers are worn keeping in mind the hygiene rules. A fifty gram packet of imported organic stevia dry leaves of our quality will cost you Rs. 8 to 10 thousand.

We do not collect seeds and make stevia plants on our farm. This is done by nursery, which we do not have.