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I recommend Stevia to my patients for weight control and diabetes management due to its organic nature and natural drying process that preserves flavor and nutrients. His patients report positive results, making Stevia a healthy and natural alternative to sugar.
Dr. Saima Hassan

Certified Stevia

Experience the pure and natural taste of our hand-picked, 100% organic Stevia, dried using only natural processes and resources.

Leading large-scale Stevia Farms in Pakistan!

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Taas Farms

Taas Forms is a leading producer of stevia in Pakistan, operating on a large scale with extensive farmland in Islamabad. The company collaborates with skilled farmers, dietitians, and production managers to cultivate and store stevia leaves using ethical and natural techniques, ensuring an optimal taste for adding sweetness to your life.

We are a group of visionaries who want to promote and provide healthier sweetener options to our customers. We are dedicated farmers who work on a sustainable farm in the outskirts of Islamabad to bring you chemical-free Stevia leaves.

Stevia planted at one of the Taas Farms.


To offer ethically-sourced, artisanal products crafted with the utmost care and expertise to the global market. By producing premium-grade organic goods, we strive to enhance the lives of individuals worldwide while promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

100% Organic

Taas Farms ensure to provide only 100% organic and chemical free Stevia in form of the purest dried leaves and powdered without any additions.

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Interested in offering your customers a healthier alternative to sugar? Partner with us and access our premium organic Stevia leaves. Our expertise in sustainable farming and natural organic farming methods ensures the highest quality product.

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